Meal Time at Mt. West Montessori

child preparing for meal time at Mountain West Montessori School

Lunch at our school is a wonderful sensorial, social, and cultural experience! This process has many important qualities for the development of the whole child: children are learning to eat different nutritionally balanced meals, learning to be open to different tastes and cultures, becoming aware of the many grace and courtesy lessons that eating together provides (table manners), becoming independent, and absorbing the basic social relation rules that eating together offer! This program, unique to our school, offers many wonderful and valuable opportunities for growth.

In compliance with the Health Department's guidelines, we have carefully selected a licensed and registered Catering Service, Diamond Catering, that meets not only the state's requirements, but is sensitive to all the values we desire to promote!

All children, to include half-day dismissal students, must purchase the yearly lunch program in order to participate in the Community lunch. As part of our program, parents are invited to share a sit down meal at school with your child during his/her birthday celebration! In order to schedule for birthdays lunches please make prior arrangements with your child’s teacher at least 5 days in advance.

In addition to food being a physiological need, we will continue offering the children the opportunity to learn and improve in their educational and social skills. A one time fee of $10.00 covers the cost of your child's place setting used during his/her meal (flat plate, bowl, glass, fork, spoon, and knife).

Please click on the link below to see the lunch menu for the month:


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