Parent-Infant Program

The Parent-Infant Class at Mountain West Montessori offers a loving, safe and purposeful environment specifically designed to stimulate the emerging skills of very young children, encouraging them to become attentive, active, exploring individuals.

Infants, ages 2 – 18 months, and their parents meet as a small group once a week. By working in collaboration with a Montessori Guide, children experience the opportunity of unlimited exploration in a prepared environment while parents practice supported, mindful observation and interaction. Children benefit from a wide range of social and physical experiences. Parents gain essential knowledge and increase their confidence in responding appropriately to their child’s needs in one of the most formative stages of development.

Sessions are designed to offer a perfect mix of instruction, support group and open activity. The Guide engages parents in conversations related to different developmental topics, led by the needs of each child and family. Topics of interest include nutrition, sleep issues, self-care and toileting, language/communication, motor development, social and cognitive development, and independence and limits. The safe and supportive nature of our community allows parents to share challenges and insights, celebrations and frustrations.

Focusing On

  • Providing today’s parents with access to the essence of the Montessori philosophy
  • Offering parents an opportunity to observe the development of their children in a prepared environment in order to increase their awareness of the essential role it plays in child development.
  • Creating a home environment conducive to appropriate development.
  • Sharing ideas for facilitating emerging independence and joyful exploration
  • Developing the skill of mindful observation to better understand your child’s needs and capabilities.
  • Building a supportive and collaborative network with other parents.
  • Learning the stages of psychomotor development as well as proposed activities aimed to enhance the motor development of young children.
  • Expanding our notion of the pre-linguistic stage of language development and learning ways to foster growth in this area.

CLASS A (birth to crawling) – meets Tuesday 1:00 to 2:45
CLASS B (crawling to walking) – meets Thursday 1:00 to 2:45

COST $100.00 / month