Process of Admissions

At Mt. West Montessori we understand that one of your most important responsibilities as a parent is choosing the right school for your child. Our process of admission is designed to aid you in making a conscious and comfortable decision on your child's education. 

1.         Walk-in Visit: 

We welcome walk-in visitors Monday-Friday from 9-2 pm.  Visitors will be given written information regarding our Admissions Process, Registration and Tuition Rates   and a quick outside tour of our campus.  We give priority to the student’s concentration and do our best to respect their work during school hours.

2.         Tour, Observation & Application:

Tour: The first step in the admissions process is a tour of the school. Our program is so unique; we want you to see it first hand. This meeting will inform parents of basic Montessori Philosophy, give you a brief school tour and talk about the benefits that Mt West Montessori as a school provides.  School tours are conducted Tuesday’s at 9:00 am and last for approximately an hour and a half. The tours are for adults only, no children please.  Please click on the School Tour LINK to sign up.

Observation:  After your tour, you are asked to observe our program. Observation gives you the best view of how the program works and how our Guides interact with the children. After your observation you will meet with the Head of School who will answer any of your questions or concerns.

Application: After your observation, you may turn in your application. There is a non-refundable $50.00 application fee. No child will be considered for admission until we have a completed application on file with the application fee.

3.         Parent Interview and Child Visit:

Once your application is submitted and reviewed, we will call you to schedule a Parent Interview and Child Visit.  This will last approximately one hour and is a wonderful  opportunity to get to know the operation and procedures and better understand what to expect of the Montessori experience. 

*Children enrolling in our Elementary/Adolescent Program will be asked to visit one of our school environments from 9-3 pm for one or two days for an observation.

4.         Enrollment:

Congratulations! You have completed the admissions process.  After careful consideration, the school will notify parents if their child has been accepted to Mt. West Montessori School.  The parent questionnaire, recommendations, school records, transcripts, diagnosis and any other requested student information from past schools attended (if applicable) must be in the office prior to accepting any child.

We enroll students throughout the year as space is available.  If there is an immediate space, your child will be accepted and we will hold the spot for 3 days ONLY.  All school fees, deposits, admissions forms and up-to-date medical record must be in the school office before a child can begin his/her first day of school.

* Infant Community admission will require for each child to be accompanied by an adult for a minimum of two days.  This helps your child make a positive transition from you to his/her new environment.