Physical Education

boy holding ball during PE class at Mountain West Montessori


Mountain West Montessori believes physical movement is integral to the holistic development of all children. We begin Physical Education at age three, guided by a Montessori Guide who is aware of the physical development of the children in all levels. We offer Physical Education twice per week and find the children truly look forward to these opportunities to express themselves physically. We have a covered area with synthetic grass for year round enjoyment of fresh air activity.

Childrens House students enjoying PE at Mountain West Montessori El Paso Texas

Cross-fit for the Adolescent Program

Cross Fit for Mountain West Montessori students


We believe that nurturing a strong body will nurture a strong spirit. The adolescent students attend Get Lifted Cross-fit Gym for their Physical Education three times per week. This rigorous and challenging exercise promotes motivation and self awareness!

Cross Fit workout for Mountain West Montessori adolescent students

Field Trips and Travel

Childrens House Students from Mountain West Montessori enjoying a field trip


We promote independence from a very young age. In Children's House, students will attend field trips outside the school, such as a ballet at UTEP or a fall trip to a local pumpkin farm, that will give them the opportunity for self control and awareness. In Lower Elementary, the students will visit sites as well as attend an overnight camping sleep over in the El Paso area. The Upper Elementary students will travel by bus to Tuscon, Alpine or Albuquerque for a city visit and two night stay. In 6th Grade, the students will travel to New York City for nine days to participate in the Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) program. The Adolescent Program students have the opportunity to travel abroad for the international MMUN Conference. In 2014, they traveled to China. Increasing the level of independence and awareness, beginning with our community, our city and our state, allows our older students to reach farther and have opportunities to explore and experience our country and our world when we travel abroad.

Lower Elementary Students from Mountain West Montessori enjoying a field trip

Montessori Parent Education

Tere Arguelles teaching

Parenting is not an easy task. Parenting fills our lives with indescribable love and unexpected joy. However, it is also an experience that challenges us towards developing greater levels of understanding. This parenting series offered at Mountain West Montessori brings awareness to respond to three areas that are fundamental to the development of the whole child. Patricia Vazquez Favela, a Parenting Caoch and lecturer, discusses "Understanding My Child," Dr. Monica Delgado, Director of LYLO (Love Yourself to Love Others), presents "The Chemistry Behind Our Health" and Tere Arguelles speaks on "Learning to Love," The Montessori Approach to Sex Education.

Parenting Class at Mountain West Montessori

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