Social Events

At Mountain West Montessori, we strive to create a community atmosphere for the children and their families. We know the largest educational gains can be made when educators, students and parents are working together towards the same goals. In an effort to foster and develop these relationships, we host several community social events throughout the school year, affording time for the children to demonstrate their experiences in the classroom, for parents to meet and greet one another and for guides to build stronger partnerships with parents.

United Nations Day

Montessori students parading at United Nations Day Mountain West Montessori

During Mountain West Montessori's traditional UNITED NATIONS Day Celebration, we walk together as one, shortening the gap between ideologies and differences. We learn about other countries and show our efforts by presenting research on countries, by learning how to help develop peace in the world, and by offering options through the work with the Montessori Model United Nations to help world problems. We enjoy having parents, friends and family join our celebration. It is a beautiful day.

Montessori United Nations Day Mountain West Montessori

Grandparents' Day

child giving grandfather a high five during Grandparents Day at Mountain West Montessori in El Paso

Children love to share their experiences with the special people in their lives. And no one is more eager than grandparents to celebrate their grandchild's achievements. Each classroom prepares a special presentation for the honored guests and then affords time for the child to show his family around his environment.

Mountain West Montessori student presenting during Grandparents Day
child hugging grandmother during Mountain West Montessori Grandparents Day

Winter Celebration

children performing a dance at Mountain West Montessori El Paso

The Winter Celebration is a wondrous occasion showcasing many cultures and holiday traditions around the world. Each classroom, from the Infant Commuity through the Adolescent Program, creates, practices and presents a unique performance for the community of families in attendance. From singing to dancing to theatrical performances, the festive atmosphere is throughly enjoyed by parents, fellow students and school faculty.

children from Mountain West Montessori El Paso performing in the Winter Celebration

Crazy Hair and Sock Day



Students look forward to Crazy Hair and Sock Day with great anticipation every year. Generally celebrated near Valentine's Day, the school takes on a festive, animated air as the children fill the environment with wild colors, unimaginable hair dos and outlandish socks. The day ends with a social event for families to linger together, strengthening friendships and enjoying the school's warmth.

Celebration of Life

Mountain West Montessori Birthday tradition

Birthdays, or the "Celebration of Life," are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the life story of each child. We encourage parents to visit the school on the day of your child's birthday and share in this special tradition. Many students like to show pictures from their life and present a small gift to be enjoyed in the classroom. The child also partakes in the symbolic circling of the sun for each year of life as his classmates sing.

Montessori Birthday tradition at Mountain West Montessori El Paso 

Annual End of Year Carnival



The Annual Carnival is a highlight for students, guides and parents alike! Each class works on a special performance that is performed on stage for all the gathered families. Students advancing to the next level also participate in a traditional Maypole Dance. Following the show, the Elementary Students entertain everyone with creative carvinal games and activities. As the children play, the parents enjoy the opportunity to strengthen old friendships and create new ones.

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