Spanish Immersion

Spanish word for Montessori Immersion ProgramMountain West Montessori offers two Full Spanish Classroom's for the Children’s House levels ages 3 to 6 yrs and a dual Language program for Elementary and the Toddler program.

The Guide (teacher) in charge of this classroom has the Montessori training from a Certified Training enter in Spanish and will prepare the environment to be a Spanish speaking environment. The child will be placed from a young age in an environment that offers the opportunity to learn the language of Spanish without the efforts and effects that play into learning a language at an older age. We recommend that the children in the Spanish program stay for the complete primary term (3 to 6 yrs.) The classroom will work as the rest of the classrooms in our school as far as curriculum is concerned, however depending on the guide and how well the program is developing, the children can be presented towards the end of their primary term, with some vocabulary in the English language, to prepare them for elementary program. This is a point of discussion and experimentation.

If the child lives with an English speaking family, he will be given the opportunity to attend school in a Spanish environment and be immersed into a new language. The language will become a part of him as he is exposed to it from an early age, and he will acquire the tools to be bilingual if not become bilingual by the time he is ready for elementary. We recommend that the English language be practiced at home, and maybe reinforced by conversation and book reading, so that the transition period to an All-English environment later on, is as smooth as possible.

If the child lives with a Spanish speaking family, the child will learn his first language to the fullest and this way will develop strong reading and writing skills in Spanish. The child will have what in Montessori is called the “Explosion of the Language” in their own mother language, they will discover and make sense of the letters and sounds, and begin writing in a natural and much more familiar sense. We recommend for this child to be exposed to the English language by way of conversation with one parent, so that the child’s immersion period into an English-speaking environment, is as smooth as possible.

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